Download Helper, Installation guide

Installation guide is also available with 2 videos : click here

  1. Click here and download boostyb (If you already use Boostyb, go to step 4)

  2. Unzip the package and launch the setup

  3. Re-launch Internet explorer, the Boostyb toolbar appears

  4. Click on the arrow, and select the 'extension' menu

  5. Select 'Download Helper' in the extensions list and Click on the install button (you need to restart Internet Explorer)

  6. The extension button appears

  7. When you watch a video, the button starts to loop and appears in color

  8. Click on the arrow, and the found videos appear. Just click on the name of the video to start the download

  9. A popup will appear to ask you where you want to save the video (the popup shows before or after the download, it depends on your internet explorer release)

Please remind that this software is still at the beginning of the development and it could not work correctly in all the situations. Feel free to report your experience to the support : Click here

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